Banking & Insurance support

Transitional solution

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • We reinforce your teams on a one-time or recurring basis

    • Operational support for the production of corporate, consolidated (French and IFRS) and prudential account statements (Solvency II and ENS including QRT, economic balance sheet)
    • Specific standards-related analysis : IFRS, SII, ESG, ENS (french specific templates).



  • We can reinforce your teams on a one-time or recurring basis

    • Reinforcement of a team while preparing corporate and consolidated financial statements, 
    • Support for your accounting teams (accounting reconciliation, controls, etc.)
    • Assistance for the preparation of regulatory statements: RUBA, FINREP, COREP, IFR/IFD, AnaCredit, GAR etc.
    • Tax, Accounting Policy and Banking Regulatory expertise, support and training
    • UK banking regulation: PRA/FCA, post-brexit CRR, IPFR, FSCS, RegData…

Project management and execution

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • We are committed to the success of your projects, bringing you expertise, teams, and best practices

    • Optimization of accounting processes and regulatory reports
    • Support in the management of complex accounting projects (Hard close/ Fast close/ Re-organization of the finance function)
    • Assistance with transformational projects (carve-out, merger, etc.)
    • Assistance with the implementation of new IFRS standards (IFRS 9, IFRS 16, IFRS 17)
    • User support/ Project-owner support for IT system changes 
    • SRI (socially responsible investing) diagnostic
    • Implementation of SRI reporting tools
  • We commit to the success of your projects by providing you with expertise, teams, and best practices

    • Management of complex and regulatory accounting projects
    • Project-management assistance for accounting and regulatory changes (processes, reference documents, data, etc.) 
    • Optimisation of processes for preparing financial statements and regulatory reports
    • Assistance for the implementation of new IFRS and CRR standards
    • Assistance for restructuring projects (carve-out, merger, migration, etc.)

Outsourcing solutions

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • We can partially or fully handle tasks via our dedicated outsourcing service platform

    • Outsourcing of the production of corporate and consolidated and prudential reporting
    • Outsourcing of the regulatory monitoring function
  • We can handle some or all of your tasks via our platform

    • Outsourcing of the production of corporate,consolidated and of prudential reports
    • Outsourcing of regulatory monitoring function
    • Technical consulting for new regulatory changes
  • specialised professionals

  • regulatory platform

  • disciplines synergised in one firm

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