Legal and contractual audit, CSR

Our mission: Deliver the opinion or certification of an independent expert

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    Legal audit – Statutory audit

    BM&A can serve as a sole statutory auditor or as part of an audit team. We deliver an efficient audit conducted by an interdisciplinary team, combining common sense, expertise, and technology. Our organisation rises to the highest standards.

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    Contractual audit

    BM&A is appointed by boards of directors, company leaders, and courts to provide support for decisions and projects or to render an independent opinion. Our experts are deployed according to the nature of the audit to be conducted.

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    CSR data certification

    BM&A, as an independent third party, works to provide assurance about extra-financial indicators through an approach that takes into account the challenges and risks inherent to each activity.

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Our expertise

  • Legal and contractual audit

    An independent party, BM&A operates as a sole or co- statutory auditor

    Our organisation pragmatically rises to the highest quality standards: PCAOB accreditation, dedicated technical staff, and monitoring of regulations, as well as continuously updated audit standards and methodologies.

    Our operations incorporate data-analysis technologies, notably our GEO solution for the audit and control of accounting data. They are conducted by experienced teams who dedicate 40% of their time to developing interdisciplinary expertise.

    Our approach focuses on processes and risks without neglecting the fundamentals of accounting. Relying on the Standards and Legal Doctrine Department throughout their assignment, the signatory partner is the sole decision-maker, providing their opinion with pragmatism and good sense.

  • CSR certification

    Closely related to financial information, CSR data is becoming increasingly crucial.

    Accredited by France’s COFRAC accreditation committee, BM&A works to verify the contents of a company’s declaration of extra-financial performance included in its management report in application of Article L.225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code.

    This accreditation (No. 3-1141*) recognises the firm’s CSR competency. As such, companies requiring this service can rely on BM&A to verify their CSR information as an independent third party.

    BM&A takes part in market think tanks related to CSR and ESG topics.

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