Innovation by BM&A

Solutions developed by our experts to help our clients perform at their best

Innovation is at the heart of our vision.

Our innovation relies on:

  • 01
    A dedicated mindset and dedicated teams of specialists
  • 02
    Constantly keeping up to date with technology and maintaining technology partnerships
  • 03
    Major investments in the acquisition, sourcing, and development of solutions
  • 04
    The expertise of our business specialists, combined with the expertise of our IT specialists and data analysts

Our solutions by BM&A

    Provide assurance to your organisation with GEO

    Combining operational expertise and technological knowledge, GEO offers a unique solution that takes the best of your accounting information and meets all your organization’s security and accounting data analysis needs, keeping your costs under control.

    Learn about the GEO solution
    Support your valuations with Fairness Finance

    Each month, Fairness Finance publishes the market’s anticipated risk premium, the implicit cost of capital, risk premiums according to size, and other indicators needed for the valuation of a company.

    Learn about Fairness Finance
    Monitor regulations with FizReg

    With FizReg, you get access to weekly monitoring of regulations, covering banking and insurance regulations, the IFRS standards, and your CSR obligations.

    Learn about FizReg
    Increase the power of your analyses with the Explorer by BM&A suite

    Designed by our business experts in Power BI, the turnkey solutions of the Explorer by BM&A suite help you extract value from your data and harness their potential, while also providing you with customised dashboards. Learn about the Explorer by BM&A suite:

    • Finance Explorer, dedicated to financial analysis
    • Consolidation Explorer, to generate value from your consolidated data

Innovation supporting our business lines

  • Our regulatory monitoring team, providing a proactive service


    Providing flexible solutions to adapt to changes


    This interdisciplinary, agile team develops methodologies for implementing new regulations. The team takes part in the top market think tanks.

    Depending on the topics at hand, it includes experts on industries, standards, and regulations. The team interacts with an ecosystem made up of tax specialists, legal experts, and professional associations.


    Examples of topics worked on: French Sapin II law, GDPR, ESEF and ATAD implementation.

  • Our team of digital specialists for innovative solutions

    Sourcing, developing, and delivering innovative solutions


    Our team, made up of a dozen professionals, industry experts, IT engineers, and data analysts, is tasked with:

    • Constantly monitoring technologies and solutions;
    • Maintaining an ecosystem that facilitates sourcing and innovation;
    • Developing solutions when it’s deemed that they will generate value for our clients.


  • 2020

    GEO receives certification from Finance Innovation

  • 2021

    GEO receives the special prize from Le Cercle de la Compliance

Our solutions in images

    GEO presented by Jean-Marc Allouët for Le Monde du Chiffre

    BI presented by Olivier Trocherie for Le Monde du Chiffre

    Interview with Erwan Lirin on B SMART