BM&A Touch

Thinking “outside the box”

Because we are totally committed to providing pragmatic, high value-added solutions that fit the needs of our clients,

Because we see ourselves as the trusted partner for companies and their leaders, and we like to build relationships,

Because we are inventive and responsive, and we love to take on a challenge.

A rich 40-year history

  • 2021
    • Opening of the BM&A office in Rennes

    • Launch of the Operational Efficiency and Performance Management offering (under the OSC team) in Lyon

  • 2020
    • Launch of the first solutions by BM&A: GEO, Consolidation Explorer, Finance Explorer

    • Creation of a team dedicated to the security of organisations

  • 2019
    • Creation of a team of IT engineers and data analysts

    • Major reinforcement of our risk management and compliance activities

    • Strategic decision to invest in the development of our own solutions/tools

  • 2018
    • Development of BM&A’s offerings

    • Acquisition of banking activities from the Commercial Court and creation of the insurance business line

    • Creation of the Operational Support and Consulting team for financial institutions

    • Opening of the BM&A office in Toulouse

  • 2015
    • Successful transition for OBO and BM&A

    • Opening of the BM&A office in Lyon

  • 2007
    • Creation of the Operational Support and Consulting activities

    • Bellot Mullenbach & Associés becomes BM&A

  • 2004
    • FCC Audit becomes Bellot Mullenbach & Associés: Financial services and expertise, statutory auditing

  • 1979
    • Creation of FCC Audit: Statutory auditing, restructuring, legal expertise


The development of services with strong expertise

  • An entrepreneurial and innovative spirit

  • Experienced teams who can handle complex issues

  • An interdisciplinary, cross-functional approach

  • Skills and tools that are constantly adapted thanks to rapid decision-making

Our training for companies

  • BM&A Consulting & Training

    BM&A Consulting & Training offers training programmes on the IFRS standards, COA, auditing, CSR, accounting, and internal/IT controls, led by a dedicated team.

  • Contact us

    For more information about the schedule, pricing, and organisation, contact us at +33 (0), or by email at

BM&A abroad

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  • 7
    main hubs in Paris, Lyon, London, Rennes, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse & Casablanca
  • 130
    countries where we are present through our international AGN network
  • +30
    international missions