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A team of 40 professionals ready to assist you.

Our team of over 40 professionals benefits from solutions developed by BM&A and follows an approach adapted to the situation and size of the organisation. As such, they’re able to quickly identify pragmatic solutions.

Our interdisciplinary approach also enables us to offer comprehensive support and auditing: IT, ESG, compliance, valuation, and more.

BM&A operates in France and around the world, and will assist you throughout your entire investment life cycle.

  • Acquisitions and build-up

    Acquisition due diligence: finance, IT, ESG, and compliance. Assistance with the finalisation of agreements (SPA financial clauses, review of financial statements at closing, etc.).

  • Integration

    Working in tandem with our Operational Support and Consulting team: post-acquisition financial integration, implementation of a monitoring system, performance improvement.

  • Sale

    Pre-sale evaluation, vendor due diligence, and development of a business plan to prepare for your sale.

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Valuation and financial modelling

Our scope of operation covers, either on a one-time or recurring basis:

  • Independent evaluation (equity certification, analysis of value)

  • Valuation of assets and securities in a contract

  • Allocation of purchase price and impairment tests

  • Valuation of the management package

  • Statutory audit for asset transfers and mergers

  • Financial modelling and scenario analysis

Our experts constantly monitor methodologies and regulations, in addition to regularly tracking market developments and making good use of our Fairness Finance solution.


Dispute resolution and investigations

An experienced team is rapidly deployed when you have a legal dispute, need for arbitration or mediation, or suspicion of fraud.

Our specialists, particularly our legal experts, are regularly appointed by courts and arbitration authorities or asked to serve as expert witnesses for a party. The complementary nature of their expertise, along with our innovative investigation and data analysis solutions (GEO) enable us to work on all sorts of matters: assessment of financial prejudice, fraud investigation, impact of the sudden termination of a commercial relationship, assistance with price determination (Article 1592 of the French Civil Code), liability suit against a company leader, earn-out analysis and assessment, etc.


Underperformance and restructuring

BM&A has been helping underperforming companies and companies facing difficulties for over 30 years.

We intervene from the first signs of underperformance through resolution of a crisis. We perform a diagnostic and assist you with the implementation of solutions.

Our experts work with many different parties, including specialised lawyers, banks, courts, and receivers.

Our Underperformance and Restructuring team works hand in hand with the Transaction Services team when dealing with sales and complex acquisitions, including spin-offs, carve-outs, and restructuring related to legal situations.

  • Performance diagnostic and analysis of financial situation

  • Operating and cash flow forecasts

  • Independent business plan review (IBR)

  • Assistance with collective proceedings (receivership/safeguard procedure)

  • Assistance with acquisition of a company under a sale plan (acquisition of assets) or continuation plan

The interdisciplinary and cross-functional nature of our teams are ingrained in the DNA of BM&A and of our approach.

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